Verge Trimming

With more than two decades of experience in verge cutting contracting for Councils, we have developed an excellent understanding of the requirements of these outsourced contracts. When you couple this experience with our high-end verge cutting machinery it is easy to see why Fencescape are the logical choice.

Flail mowing can be used to quickly tidy up overgrown areas of grassland, cut rides through game cover or reclaim areas of land containing small shrubs/trees.

Our flail mower can handle vegetation up to 40mm in diameter thanks to its heavy duty flails.

It also mulches and evenly spreads the chopped material behind, a useful feature when mowing tall grass for example, as it not only leaves a neater, less clumpy finish, but also reduces the risk of large clumps killing off the grass underneath.

Regular topping can also help to control creeping thistles. It’s not a ‘quick’ fix, but over a number of years it can help to reduce a problem area without the use of pesticides.


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