Under Barrier Mowing

Fencescape is bringing verge mowing on our national roads and motorways to a higher level of both efficiency and safety with an innovative new machine that’s designed to tackle the toughest challenges of motorway grass maintenance.

Fencescape’s new Barrier Mower is one of the most nimble and versatile on the market featuring a high-position flex-arm and twin rotary cutting heads that allows us to cut around obstacles such as guard rails, and road signs.

By speeding up mowing operations that normally have to be carried out by hand; the Barrier Mower is an important labour-saving device which saves both time and money and reduces disruption to motorists by removing the need for closing off sections of road.

Each rotary head features a heavy-duty rubber ‘turntable’ on the outside rim, which grips an Obstacle and enables the heads to part automatically without risk of damage to the machine – leaving behind a fine cut and finish.




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